Construction Project Filing System for Files & Photos


  • Unlimited Storage.
  • Share files instantly and easily.
  • Protect every file and folder with permissions.
  • Find any file instantly with Blok Search.

Everything in ONE Place.

Store and organize all of your files and photos on BuildingBlok, your entire team will have access to the same information as you. Search across all of your projects for specific files, or filter to see what has been added recently. Experience the relief of knowing where your information is located and that your whole team has access to it anytime.

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

Safe and Secure.

Amazon’s state-of-the-art data centers are some of the most secure in the world. Multiple servers are constantly backing up your data so you are never at a risk of losing it. Don’t let a broken desktop destroy your project. Our construction management software puts your files and photos in the safety of the cloud, ensuring you never lose anything again.