Software Solutions for Construction Costs

Construction cost management is a challenge for any construction business, but it’s one they must be able to conquer to remain profitable. To manage costs effectively and prevent negative cash flow, BuildingBlok makes web-based project management software that provides access to the right data at the right time, instilling confidence across teams that the information they have is accurate and up-to-date.

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Construction Cost Estimating

Predicting how much a construction project will cost is a vital part of staying committed to your bottom line. Diving into a complicated task, which involves the input and collaboration of multiple teams, without first estimating expenses is a sure way to get into hot water. BuildingBlok helps teams allocate funds to the right tasks and projects, so no one is left without the resources they need. Our web-based applicaton’s ability to track and share expense data is a critical component of avoiding unnecessary overspending.

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Companies that can accurately estimate construction projects have a better chance of staying on top of their cash flow and achieving an optimal outcome for themselves and their clients. To unify the elements of both data access and accuracy, many companies turn to construction cost management software. These efficient tools help all teams keep a close eye on their costs and allows you to maximize your business’ profits.

Easily Manage All Construction Costs

Construction cost management software provides a multitude of benefits for cost control, management, and estimating. With our user-friendly software, you can enjoy highly improved organization, easy access and sharing of documentation, as well as unlimited addition of users and creation of projects; no job is too big or too small. Easily view the contract’s value and pending revisions within the cost accounting feature. Our application does the math for you so you can quickly make the right financial decisions for your team and the scope of your project. Clear data reporting is the best way to ensure positive cash flow and secure your bottom line.

Our specialized project management application can help you better manage all parts of your construction project and keep a handle on money coming and going.

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Manage Project Budgets

Project budgets are constantly changing, and project managers should be prepared to make adjustments on a moment’s notice. The right software should show you, at-a-glance, the full spectrum of your current and projected costs, so you can make data-driven decisions day-to-day. Documentation easily managed in the program includes timesheets for employees, schedules of values, invoices, and payment applications.

Efficient software will allow you to review and approve budgets within the program, as well as send you daily and weekly cost reports to ensure you know where your budget stands.

Construction webapp budgets log

COR #23

  • Project:Gold University
  • Status:Approved (5.27.18)
  • Created:05.26.18
  • Created by:John Lewis
  • Assigned to:Rob Small
  • Description:Add panic device to door 302
  • Total Markup:$400
    Total Cost:$1,400

Manage Change Orders with Ease

The project scope evolves with the budget, and managing change orders manually can be a nightmare. Integrating change orders into construction cost management software gives you a quick, seamless way to make updates to the project and gain approval. BuildingBlok gives you the ability to create change orders yourself or manage orders submitted by other members of the team. Keep an eye on your finances and your bottom line with one central location for change orders.

Submit Accurate Payment Applications

Contractors and subcontractors don’t get paid in a lump sum, but receive ongoing pay as they complete certain project milestones or percentages. These costs can be difficult to keep track of manually, especially when paying a fraction of the total job based on completion.

Construction cost management software removes much of this guesswork by allowing contractors and subcontractors to create schedules of values for easy, accurate payment. Input how much work a team member has completed and the software calculates what they’re owed. Subcontractors can also use the web-based application to submit pay apps themselves, saving your team valuable administrative time managing moving pieces of the project. Shared access to a contract’s documentation makes the scope of work easier for every member of the team and their unique tasks.

Pay App #1

  • Original Contract Sum:$10,000
  • Net change by Change Orders:$0
  • Contract Sum to Date:$10,000
  • Total Completed Stored to date:$6,000
  • Total Retainage:$300
  • Total Earned Less Retainage:$5,700
  • Less Previous Certificates for Payment:$4,000
  • Current Payment Due:$1,700
  • Balance to Finish, Plus Retainage:$4,300

Invoice #12

  • Project:TLC Center
  • Status:Approved
  • Created by:Jen Snow on 03.19.18
  • Assigned to:Eric James
  • Contract:D3 – HVAC
  • Line Items
  • Drying tools $300
  • Labor $500
  • Total: $800

Track and Manage Invoices

Chasing down invoices and managing a paper trail can easily become a full-time job in itself. Your contractors and subcontractors need to get paid, but a single missing invoice can cause lengthy delays and unhappy workers.

Centralizing your invoices ensures that all invoices are kept together and submitted correctly, so there’s no gap in billing or payroll. Workers can send their invoices directly through the software, replacing the paper trail with an audit trail that’s faster and easier to follow. You can also easily create your own invoices for quick and convenient payment.

Project Management Solutions

The days of printing new reports and waiting in line for the copier are over. Users can input data and get real time updates without wondering whether they’re looking at the most up-to-date version. In addition to the benefits web-based applications can provide to the back office and contractors, project managers gain quick, easy way to track and measure costs from start to finish.

Worker productivity and job site incidents can disrupt a project’s timeline, as well as rack up extra costs that otherwise could have been avoided. PMs not only rely on construction project management software to measure expenditures, but to stay productive and decrease risk throughout a project’s lifecycle. And since users can access the app via their own devices or computers, they can review or input data at their convenience, no matter where they happen to be.

Construction mobile request for information

Protect Your Cash Flow and Your Bottom Line

Aside from the visible, tangible benefits of construction cost management software, the efficiency and time-saving benefits are immeasurable and impressive. Companies can spend less time on time-draining administrative tasks, thus cutting their overhead expenses.

Cost management with specialized software allows greater insight into potential hold-ups or issues that could end up costing you a fortune. When you can catch these issues early, you have a better chance of fixing them before they negatively impact your profit margin.

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Where to Find Software Solutions for Construction Cost Management

Construction software can simplify the complexities of cost control. As a leader in construction software and cost management solutions, BuildingBlok is specifically designed to help construction companies save money while maximizing efficiency on the job site. Our software suite allows managers to gain greater control and visibility into the project lifecycle by documenting all user activity and providing an audit trail to address issues early before they turn into expensive problems.

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