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Communication and collaboration are key in construction. Without them, costly mistakes are made. The project management tools in this Standard Bundle are designed to improve visibility and accountability across all teams.

Centralize knowledge

We’ve all heard the adage, “knowledge is power.” But sometimes it’s difficult to find that information when you need it. With BuildBlok’s Project Management bundle, all your projects and documents are in one place – improving productivity, encouraging collaboration, and preventing knowledge loss.


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Jen Stern 5 days ago

Uploaded file: "blueprint_floor_1.pdf"

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Ben Carter 1 day ago

Added Note: "New drawings are attached to submittal."

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Kim Davis 45 min ago

Marked Submittal reviewed.

RFI #17

  • Project:JCM Expansion
  • Created:08.02.18
    Created by:Jess Hill
  • Assigned to:Lee Young
  • Drawing #:JCM-14
    Spec Section:073113
  • Summary:Hardware for door 24
  • Question:There is a request to add a new card reader to door 24. What model?
  • Responder:Lisa Davis (Engineer)
  • Response:Zythe 7653-A

Easily manage your RFIs

While RFIs are vital to construction projects, they can cause delays. BuildingBlok helps you manage the RFI process with ease. You can view the status of your RFIs and, once a response is received, assign any tasks to team members. RFIs are kept with each project, so you have a complete history that you and your team can refer to at any time. Learn more

Streamline your bid process

Managing your bids is labor and time intensive. With BuildingBlok, you can automate the process and reduce the time it takes to manage bids by up to 50%. Invite those you want to participate and view their bid status at any time. You can easily send out updates to those you invited to bid, track actions taken, and award jobs. Learn more

Invitation to Bid

  • Project:Pine Project
  • Location:21 West 46th Street, New York, NY 10036
  • Bid Due Date:08.15.18
  • Main Contacts:Paul Moore
  • Scope of Work:Renovation of 10 timeshare units at approximately 1000 sq ft each. Work will include drywall, plumbing and electrical. Construction starts 2nd week of September.
  • Invitation List:
    Company Status
    Green Construction Bidding
    Jade Electric Undecided
    Nolan Plumbing Submitted

Punch-List Item #4

  • Project:Davis Square
  • Created by:Allen Miller (10.03.17)
  • Status:Verified (01.08.18)
  • Punch-List:Repairs
  • Floor:3
  • Description:Seal all ductwork.
    Install access doors.
    Complete piping insulation.

Create punch-lists in real-time

You don’t have to wait to get back to the office to create your punch list. You can create items from the jobsite, assign owners and due dates, and even track their status. Learn more

Keep track of your Submittals and ASIs

With all your submittals and ASIs centralized in BuildingBlok, you and your team have immediate access. Items from submittals can be assigned to individuals and you can view their status and keep your team informed of updates and changes. Learn more

Submittal 024000-3

  • Project:Mark Hotel
  • Status:Reviewed as Noted
  • Created:06.10.18
  • Created by:Carter Brown
  • Assigned to:Nick Baker
  • Submittal #:3
  • Spec Section:024000 - Unit Masonry
  • Type:Certificate
  • Description:Manufacturer certificates are attached. See 024000-2 for other product data.

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