Automate Daily Reporting Using Project Management Software

Though filling out a daily construction report can be a time-consuming task, it’s an important part of day-to-day project management work. Daily reports give project managers an idea of what tasks are completed, so so they can better predict timelines, manage costs, and make adjustments where needed. Streamlining this process with construction daily reporting software can not only save time but provide better insight into the project at large.

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Why Use a Daily Reporting Mobile App?

As industry professionals know, construction daily logs are what they sound like: detailed briefs about the work performed on a project each day. These reports are filled out by project managers and include the number of hours worked, specific tasks completed, on-site resources, equipment materials used, any issues that arose, and even what the weather was like.

Traditionally, companies use daily reporting forms (or templates) to ensure that project managers are capturing the right information each day. But it’s still largely a manual process using pen and paper, and even when project managers consistently collect end-of-day information, there’s no easy way to measure or compare data over time using the pen-and-paper method.

Because these reports are highly detailed and produced frequently, many construction companies are trading the manual documentation for construction daily log software that can streamline the reporting process and provide better insights into day to day operations.

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Save Time and Money

Construction daily reporting software can slash the time it takes to manage daily reports by 25% or more. There’s no need to manually write lengthy, complicated reports, and the final log can be sent to project owners and other stakeholders with the tap of a button. Digital project workflows provide peace-of-mind and allow you to escape from your desk - you can work anywhere you see fit, without sacrificing productivity. Creating more time in your schedule is an invaluable benefit of app-based project management.

Monitor Progress in Real-Time

Using construction daily log software, project managers can get real-time insight into the project’s progression. All information is input directly into the software and updates immediately, giving project managers and stakeholders the most up-to-date information. Digital versions also make it easier to compare each day’s records side by side, allowing for better data monitoring over the entire scope of the project.

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Track Labor Hours

We offer two convenient ways to track employee time. General Contractors and Construction Managers can quickly and easily add mancount via web or mobile to their daily reports. The mancount functionality of BuildingBlok’s software allows you to record the type of worker, regular hours, any overtime accumulated for the day, and associated totals.

Customers who choose to incorporate timesheets into their daily reporting can benefit from quick and easy data collection. Rather than calculating hours worked from a stack of paper timesheets, the worker reports time electronically via their mobile devices.

Logging each team member’s activity and work associated with each task has never been easier. Collection, processing, and payment can be a completely digital and hassle-free experience.

Daily Report 10/02/19

  • Project:Pine Project
  • Location:N Bend Rd, Jarettsville, MD 21084
  • Weather
    Time Temp(°F) Condition
    06:00AM EDT 69.98 Clear
    12:00PM EDT 88.71 Clear
    05:00PM EDT 91.07 Mostly Cloudy
  • Mancount
    Type # of Workers Total
    Blue Ladder & Construction
    Apprentice 3 24.0
    Field Manager 4 30.0
    Foreman 4 35.0
    Elemental Design Co
    Apprentice 3 24.0
    Field Manager 5 32.0
    Foreman 6 23.0

What to Expect from Construction Daily Reporting Software

Construction daily log software should make your work easier, first and foremost. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your chosen software, it’s essential to get specific about your administrative needs, processes that are holding up timelines, and which tasks in your day take the most work. Ideally, you should be able to alleviate administrative processes and offload tasks that can be automated with sophisticated software.

BuildingBlok offers core features which are are essential to streamlining construction daily reports and making project management a far more organized process for everyone on your team.

Daily Reporting App

Cloud-based apps are a growing trend in the construction industry and for good reason. Project managers can’t always leave a construction site to take care of back-office tasks, while other members may spend more time at their desks, waiting for important information about the project to make its way to their inbox.

A daily reporting mobile app enables project managers to log data as they go and generate reports from wherever they are. Field reporting can save time and ensure that important data is collected without falling through the cracks. Construction software solutions available via a mobile device make it as simple as possible for every team member of a construction project to submit, share, and analyze data in real-time.

Construction mobile daily reports mancount
Construction man tablet

However, that doesn’t mean the experience has to be confusing or take up too much of your valuable time. BuildingBlok’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to use the construction daily log software to suit your project management style and daily tasks. This not only helps you start enjoying the benefits of the platform faster, but enables you to collect, view, and report on the data that matters most to you. Additional users will also find it easy to collaborate with you on vital components of the project, whether they’re sending invoices, submitting hours, or adding memos to tasks.

Attach Photos to Documents

Taking photos of job site progress can be essential to creating clarity and demonstrating progress. If members of the team can’t always be on-site to troubleshoot or assist, photo attachments are an invaluable tool for demonstrating the state of a certain task. Project managers can take photos of issues that cause setbacks or other conditions that affect their progress, making it easier for everyone involved to collaborate and move the project forward.

Ultimately, all contributors to and members of a project team can benefit from seeing progress made each day.

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Construction webapp daily reports weather

Weather Tracking

Weather conditions are one of the many factors that can affect the progress of a construction project. When rain or ice cause delays, it can create a ripple effect that impacts costs, resource availability, and the overall timeline.

Project managers keep track of weather conditions on a daily basis to help explain any lapses in productivity and identify potential cost discrepancies. With construction software daily reports, weather data can be automatically included in the report for a specific area. While it may not be possible to eliminate all surprises on a job site, it’s certainly possible to help managers and team members better prepare for the day ahead.

PDF Reports

Project managers should be able to easily turn daily reports into PDFs that can be sent or shared with other team members. After creating daily reports, a simple tap of a button can generate the data into an easy-to-read PDF and automatically send it to designated team members.

Construction webapp daily reports pdf
Construction webapp daily reports notes

Project Notes

Construction daily logs often contain notes and other details for individual projects, but these details can quickly become unorganized and confusing. The software provides an anchor point to keep project documents and notes together so users can reference them on demand. Keep communication clear and organized by storing all related items and documents together, in a centralized location.

Automate Your Daily Reporting with Software

Construction professionals who are interested in automating their daily reporting process should take potential solutions for a test drive prior to see how much easier their daily work becomes. Working with a project management platform works in real-time can help you gauge whether it will meet your immediate needs and be a good fit for you in the long term.

As a leader in construction project management software, BuildingBlok provides a powerful solution for improving your daily reports. From mobile access to intuitive workflows, we’re helping construction companies transform this tiresome task into a valuable component of your business.

Unlimited Users

Whether you have one project manager or hundreds of contractors, BuildingBlok Construction Software caters to all. Add unlimited users with no hidden fees or extra costs. Best of all, there’s no need for users to share accounts, so everyone’s data remains safe and secure.

Unlimited Projects

BuildingBlok software scales as your business grows. Manage all your projects within the platform for a single price and never have to compromise on storage space.

Unlimited Support

Good support shouldn’t come at a premium. Get unlimited, ongoing help whenever you need it — all at no additional cost to you. Our construction experts ensure that there are no software questions or issues that stand between you and doing business.

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