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At BuildingBlok, we understand your challenges managing time sheets and daily reports from multiple teams across many sites.

Our field management tools are paired to make your tracking and reporting effortless from anywhere, at anytime.


Your teams are mobile and your time management tool should be too. With BuildingBlok, employees can easily clock in and out using any device, even when offline – and the GPS location ensures they’re where they need to be. No more manual entry, paper or spreadsheets. Hours worked are always at your fingertips. Learn more


Daily Reports

There are many variables that affect the success of a project. With our Daily Reports tool, your field team can quickly capture what happens at the jobsite – using any device – so your office team can gain visibility into every project and make adjustments, as necessary. Learn more

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How we can help you

BuildingBlok gives you all the tools and productivity you need, at a flat, fair price that doesn’t eat up your profit margins.
Field Management
Automate recording your field team's activity to ensure onsite accountability and avoid time-theft.
Project Management
Centralize workflows to simplify your team's approval process and prevent costly oversights.
Cost Management
Hand off financial document creation and simplfy your approval process to catch cost overruns earlier.
Unlimited Users
Add unlimited users with no hidden fees or extra costs.
Unlimited Projects
Manage all of your projects on the platform for a flat fee.
Unlimited Support
Chat us and if you need extra help, we'll give you a call.