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It's time to modernize your construction process.

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Why was BuildingBlok built

We understand just how challenging construction projects can be.

Construction management is known for siloed systems, countless spreadsheets and overwhelming chains of emails that lead to costly delays, project oversights and increased risks. Thanks to BuildingBlok's multi-product suite of solutions, construction management, as we once knew it, is a thing of the past.

Unlimited Benefits

Unlimited Users

BuildingBlok is available to your entire team. Invite as many users as you'd like. There's no need to share accounts.

Unlimited Projects

The system is built to scale your growing business. There's no limit to your growth. Manage as many projects as you need at no extra charge.

Unlimited Support

Get the help you need, when you need it - at no additional cost. Our construction experts are always here to help!
With BuildingBlok we now have a robust solution that allows us unlimited users and unlimited projects at a competitive price.
BuildingBlok delivers high value at a very low cost, and its user-friendly design makes it extremely easy to deploy.
With BuildingBlok, I am able to focus on growing my business with a powerful software that is far ahead of the game!

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How we are different

Work smarter, faster.

BuildingBlok is a leading cloud-based construction management and communications software platform.

The easy-to-use technology provides solutions to complex project management challenges, improves efficiency, maximizes profit margins, and reduces risk. Our mobile-friendly applications allow you to connect with multiple projects from anywhere, at any time, across multiple devices. We are the only software needed to manage all your projects - from bidding to completion. No matter the stage, we've got you covered.

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Easy Setup

No more training. Our easy implementation ensures quick setup and fast, widespread adoption.

Friendly Design

Our intuitive design makes it simple for you and your team to navigate the platform and its features.

Flexible Pricing

With our competitive, flexible and straightforward pricing, you can tailor our tools to fit your needs.
BuildingBlok Mobile
Mobile Apps

Go Mobile.
Download our apps.

Our mobile apps allow you to access and enter project data from anywhere. They are robust tools - not just access to No matter where you are, you're always connected.

BuildingBlok Mobile

Download BuildingBlok Mobile for unrestricted access to all of your project data.

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BuildingBlok Timesheets

Download BuildingBlok Timesheets to clock in/out of projects from the field.

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Trusted by thousands of companies

50,000+ Projects Completed
$800,000,000 Value of Projects
140,000+ Documents Created
CR Millwork
With BuildingBlok, we've optimized our entire project management processes. Now, we're able to take on more projects and manage them all without added headache. Thanks, BuildingBlok!
Melody Selaya
Office Manager
EDiS Company
BuildingBlok tracks everything and keeps us organized. Thanks BuildingBlok for giving me back my Sunday!
Andrew DiSabatino III
Vice President & Project Manager
EDiS Company LLC
Building Land and Technology
Buildingblok has been an essential tool to maintain accurate document control specially when managing multiple projects. Using email was inefficient and very difficult to stay organized since items were easily missed due to the high volume of messages received.
Claudia Siever
Project Manager
Building and Land Technology

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Getting set up with BuildingBlok was really simple. It is incredibly easy to use. Now we can accomplish more in less time!

Jennifer Smith
Project Manager
Glacier Construction Co., Inc