• Manage all of your project Pay Apps in a centralized log.
  • Make it easy for your subs to submit their schedule of values.
  • Prevent liability issues with a complete audit trail in BuildingBlok.
  • Save your team chasing down files by attaching them to Pay Apps.
  • Standardize your Pay Apps approval process using approval chains.
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How we can help you

BuildingBlok gives you all the tools and productivity you need, at a flat, fair price that doesn’t eat up your profit margins.
Field Management
Automate recording your field team's activity to ensure onsite accountability and avoid time-theft.
Project Management
Centralize workflows to simplify your team's approval process and prevent costly oversights.
Cost Management
Hand off financial document creation and simplfy your approval process to catch cost overruns earlier.
Unlimited Users
Add unlimited users with no hidden fees or extra costs.
Unlimited Projects
Manage all of your projects on the platform for a flat fee.
Unlimited Support
Chat us and if you need extra help, we'll give you a call.
Get set up in less than an hour.
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