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Where construction comes together

We are often asked why our family started BuildingBlok.

It started with my brother Justin, who worked for a construction company earlier in his career. He experienced firsthand how repetitive and disconnected the processes and workflows are in construction. Justin knew there was an easier way to manage the processes and improve access to project documents, information, and status.

So, he founded BuildingBlok and developed a solution where construction teams could coordinate and collaborate – a place where construction came together.

We were committed to developing an affordable, easy-to-use project management solution built specifically for construction. From the start, we worked with our industry partners to develop a robust construction management solution.

Today, BuildingBlok is still a family-owned business – and it is still a place where our construction partners come together to help us continue to develop BuildingBlok.

For the past two years, we’ve worked tirelessly to refine the product and ensure it is scalable for companies of any size. One of the challenges with legacy software is it is feature heavy. We focus on the key needs of construction, versus feature overload.

And we develop BuildingBlok for various styles and workflows. From project managers to architects to engineers, anyone on the team can log on and work in BuildingBlok.

It’s been an incredible journey, and BuildingBlok is at the point where we have a product we are truly proud of.

BuildingBlok is:

  1. Designed to work the way you do
  2. Delivers an intuitive design
  3. Easy to implement
  4. Easy to use and requires minimal training
  5. No-nonsense pricing and affordable

At BuildingBlok, we will never be stagnant. Now, and in the future, we will always look to our partners on ways to improve. And we will continue to provide construction professionals with a solution that helps you be more productive every day.

BuildingBlok is the ultimate project hub – it is truly a place where construction comes together.

Spencer Nolan, CEO

Unlimited Users

Whether you have one project manager or hundreds of contractors, BuildingBlok Construction Software caters to all. Add unlimited users with no hidden fees or extra costs. Best of all, there’s no need for users to share accounts, so everyone’s data remains safe and secure.

Unlimited Projects

BuildingBlok software scales as your business grows. Manage all your projects within the platform for a single price and never have to compromise on storage space.

Unlimited Support

Good support shouldn’t come at a premium. Get unlimited, ongoing help whenever you need it — all at no additional cost to you. Our construction experts ensure that there are no software questions or issues that stand between you and doing business.

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