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Trace Hendrick
R.C. Hendrick & Son, Inc.
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Saginaw, MI
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R. C. Hendrick & Son is one of the oldest continuously family-owned-and-operated construction companies in the state of Michigan. Service to the construction industry for over 135 years is a statement of experience and a measure of the workmanship, personnel and services provided by the company. A reputation for quality and integrity enjoyed by R. C. Hendrick & Son is due in large measure to professional management, skilled tradesmen and experienced support staff of the company.

Many of the R. C. Hendrick & Son employees have more than 30 years continuous experience with the firm. This depth of experience, combined with a dedication to high standards of excellence assures quality construction results for the client’s project.


R.C. Hendrick & Son specializes in General Contracting of all kinds and treats their clients with honest and trustworthy work ethic, priding themselves as a reliable company with a great staff you can place your faith in.

"BuildingBlok simplifies all the logging and busywork with construction."


Before BuildingBlok, R.C. Hendrick & Son's was struggling with standardizing their company workflow. They had a complicated process that required constantly scanning and emailing documents and a variety of different types of the same forms being sent through unsecure channels.


BuildingBlok was able to propel R.C Hendrick & Son to a more modern way of running their company by making their document management process, especially change orders and payment applications more efficient.

"BuildingBlok streamlined the way we do things."

BuildingBlok's truly unique advantage is affordability, ease of use and standardization. Our charges are flat, and modular allowing clients the choice to pay for what they need and nothing more. The BuildingBlok interface is simple and intuitive allowing for subs, and new employees alike to easily familiarize themselves with our tools. The format of both form entry and data exportation is clean and professional. Usable for internal records and suitable for external ones too.

R.C. Hendrick & Son now has a simple place to handle the various documents associated with their projects. Onboarding their employees with personal training and continual support, they’ve added a reliable partner to foster their success. Through our constant communications we’ve taken feedback and evolved as a company ourselves to develop options to support their needs.


BuildingBlok provides R.C. Hendrick & Son a simple and centralized place to handle their management needs that can be accessed anywhere at any time.

Managing construction projects is now a much easier task with BuildingBlok. R.C. Hendrick & Son have a much more professional profile and are continually receiving repeat clients based on the work done and management process. BuildingBlok's ease of use is also a time-saver for subcontractors. R.C. Hendrick & Son has received positive feedback from its subcontractors, who are surprised by the simplicity of the system and how easy it is to get things done!