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Andrew DiSabatino III
EDiS Company LLC
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Wilmington, DE
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EDiS provides diverse services centered on our customer’s building and property assets. We provide planning, building and operation expertise to a wide-ranging group of private and public markets. Our core services are delivered through our construction management and design-build solutions.

Our mission is to help our customers focus on what they do best while we provide knowledge and experience with what we know best.


As a general contractor they do it all, but they’ve had most contracts in the Pre K - 12 education fields

EDiS has deep roots that trace back to their founding in 1908. As a result, their experience and knowledge of construction makes them a significant force in the Construction industry.

As a whole the company aims to build relationships that last and foster connections for decades to come.


The primary concern of EDiS was the lack of organization. Without any real management software they were primarily handling the documents with emails, leading to messy inboxes and long waits for projects.


EDiS uses all the tools in BuildingBlok aside from timesheets. Primarily, bidding is the most used portion of their process, as almost all their projects are through internal contacts made throughout their 99 years in the industry

BuilidngBlok has a simple to use interface and allows for standardization and affordability. Even though they have the most expensive plan, they are still saving much more than if they used any other system.

Our Affordability is paramount. However, throughout our partnership with EDIS we’ve made various changes to the way our Bidding software functioned. Thanks to our support team, they’ve had an easy time integrating the BuildingBlok system into their regular workflows.

Wilmington Historical Society
Wilmington Library
Office of the Presidency
Bear Library
"BuildingBlok creates a quick and easy platform to perform daily tasks efficiently."


The ease of BuildingBlok and the organization were the primary bonuses. Thanks to our simple interface, users new and old can quickly acclimate themselves into easy workflows. BuildingBlok made back and forth email chains about construction document issues almost non-existent making it easier for all parties involved.