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Manage all your projects, financials, resources, and employees from a single, easy-to-use platform that’s designed to work the way you do.

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Cost Saving Solutions for Construction Professionals

BuildingBlok web-based and mobile construction management software can transform a fragmented company into a seamless operation. Our suite of project management features focuses on lightning-fast communications, easy document sharing and distribution, instant data collection, and easy access to important project details — all designed to save construction professional hours each week and thousands of dollars per project.

Benefits of Construction Management Software

Zero Paper, Zero Waste

BuildingBlok provides a paperless solution to professionals in the construction industry. All data is collected and stored via the app, so there’s no need to print, copy, or chase a paper trail. Save yourself much-needed time and forgo the organizational hassle of paper forms; manage all components of project management within specialized, web-based construction management software.

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Our intuitive user interface shortens the learning curve so you can increase productivity right out of the gate. We developed our suite of features to work the way you do, so you can spend less time guessing and more time on your projects. All details, from notes and documents to assigned tasks and timesheets are easily accessible from one organized dashboard; all the information you need to do your job is at your fingertips.

Mobile Access

We’ve designed a construction management software suite that’s as mobile as you are. From timesheet management in the field to creating RFI responses and submittals on the go, mobile access ensures you never miss an opportunity to grow your business. Some features are even accessible without a working data connection, so you don't have to worry about connectivity while on a job site.

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What You Get with BuildingBlok

Daily Reports

Customize your daily construction reports so you always know where a project stands. From hours worked to tasks completed, you can better forecast the project timeline and know where to make adjustments. BuildingBlok allows you to stay on top of your current workload at all times while collaborating seamlessly with other members of your team.

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Our timesheets tool eliminates the need for traditional time clocks and paper sheets for tracking hours. Workers can clock in and clock out from the job site via any mobile device, while GPS location tracking ensures they’re working at the correct job site.

Electronic timesheets also reduce the margin for human error and eliminate double entry at the office. Project managers can track time worked against the labor budget to ensure they’re meeting business objectives.


Centralize your bids and reduce the time it takes to manage them. You can complete the entire bidding process from start to finish within the platform, keep all essential details together, and send communications within seconds.

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Submittals and ASIs

Keep all your submittals and ASIs in a single, easy-to-navigate location. Give your teams immediate access, assign action items to individuals with a few taps, and keep everyone up-to-date on news or changes at scale.

Punch Lists

Create your punch lists in real-time as you go and avoid having to do the same work twice. You can create lists from the job site, assign items to users, set due dates, and even track the status. Multi-tasking within the project management app can take hours off a project and your to-do list.

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RFIs can cause delays if not properly handled. Respond to RFIs with ease and centralize details so that nothing falls through the cracks. Document management within an application makes sharing information with team members a seamless and transparent task; everyone has access to the same data and can easily attach their documents to further clarify their work.

To-Do Lists

Stay on top of assigned tasks and hold your workers accountable. You’ll receive a notification when items are completed so you can keep moving forward. You can't be everywhere at once, but BuildingBlok can help create that illusion with almost instantaneous data reporting and ease-of-access for your entire team.

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Add memos or notes to project details to ensure that users see them. Or, use memos to send team-wide communications and improve collaboration.

Why Choose BuildingBlok?

BuildingBlok isn’t simply a provider of construction management software for builders and contractors—we’re redefining the way our software works to match the way you work.

Our collection of web-based and mobile-based apps provide project managers, company leaders, and job site workers with the tools they need to communicate, collaborate, and contribute to every project, ultimately saving time, money, and plenty of hassle.

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For Managers

Project managers and construction business owners choose BuildingBlok because of the greater visibility and control they can gain into every project. You can see everything from RFIs and submittals to timesheet data and labor budgets to make valuable, data-driven business decisions when they’re most critical.

BuildingBlok documents all user activity to provide further insight into every project. Project managers can see which users click a document, when and where workers clock in and clock out, and what tasks are active in a given day.

For Construction Workers

Construction workers love us, too — we make it easy to clock in and clock out with accuracy, provide instant access to critical project documents, and streamline communication with supervisors or home offices so that work can be completed on time, with confidence.

For All Members of a Team

Even when your teams are spread out across multiple job sites, BuildingBlok provides a way to unite them. We believe in empowering each team member with the tools and information they need to keep business moving forward.

Save Time and Money with our Web-based App

BuildingBlok is accessible via an internet browser, whether that's on your office desktop or smartphone while you're in the field, giving you all-around versatility in how you operate your construction business.

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Our collection of web-based and mobile-based apps provide project managers, company leaders, and job site workers with the tools they need to communicate, collaborate, and contribute to every project, ultimately saving time, money, and plenty of hassle.

Unlimited Users

Whether you have one project manager or hundreds of contractors, BuildingBlok Construction Software caters to all. Add unlimited users with no hidden fees or extra costs. Best of all, there’s no need for users to share accounts, so everyone’s data remains safe and secure.

Unlimited Projects

BuildingBlok software scales as your business grows. Manage all your projects within the platform for a single price and never have to compromise on storage space.

Unlimited Support

Good support shouldn’t come at a premium. Get unlimited, ongoing help whenever you need it — all at no additional cost to you. Our construction experts ensure that there are no software questions or issues that stand between you and doing business.

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