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Construction project budgets are challenging to manage – due to its many moving parts. BuildingBlok helps you stay on top of each project’s budget by managing current and potential costs, so you always have full financial visibility.

Effectively manage change orders

Your scope of work is constantly changing – and so are the budgets. With BuildingBlok, you can easily create and manage change orders for each project so you have a clear record of approved budget revisions. It is designed to help you manage financial expectations and gain approval quickly. Learn more

COR #23

  • Project:Gold University
  • Status:Approved (5.27.18)
  • Created:05.26.18
  • Created by:John Lewis
  • Assigned to:Rob Small
  • Description:Add panic device to door 302
  • Total Markup:$400
    Total Cost:$1,400

Pay App #1

  • Original Contract Sum:$10,000
  • Net change by Change Orders:$0
  • Contract Sum to Date:$10,000
  • Total Completed Stored to date:$6,000
  • Total Retainage:$300
  • Total Earned Less Retainage:$5,700
  • Less Previous Certificates for Payment:$4,000
  • Current Payment Due:$1,700
  • Balance to Finish, Plus Retainage:$4,300

Quickly submit pay apps

Your subcontractors can create their schedule of values directly within BuildingBlok for your approval. You can easily determine the percentage of completion and your subs can seamlessly update and submit their payment applications. Learn more

Centralize your invoices

Submit invoices and have subcontractors submit their invoices to you directly in BuildingBlok. No more tracking down your subs to send in their invoices or misplacing paper ones. Keep track of budgets, approve invoices, pay your subs faster, and get your invoices out for payment faster too. Learn more

Invoice #12

  • Project:TLC Center
  • Status:Approved
  • Created by:Jen Snow on 03.19.18
  • Assigned to:Eric James
  • Contract:D3 – HVAC
  • Line Items
  • Drying tools $300
  • Labor $500
  • Total: $800

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