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Unrivaled Construction Timesheets

Goodbye, spreadsheets. Hello, modern Timesheets.

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Simplify your employee’s time-tracking with a responsive and user-friendly construction timesheet app. The app monitors GPS locations across all construction projects and tasks so you don’t have to worry about all of the little things.

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Key Features

Time Tracking
Add hours to various construction projects and tasks using the web and mobile app.
Group workers into Crews to allow for bulk Clock-Ins by a manager.
Location Tracking
View the GPS location of each employee when they clock in or out.
Use the Timesheets mobile app, even without an Internet connection.
Get insight on your construction team with worker, project summary, and custom reports.
Accounting integration with Quickbooks, Timberline, and Xero is coming soon!


CJ Masonry LLC
Jason Brown
CJ Masonry LLC
"Timesheets is definitely my favorite tool in BuildingBlok. Keep up what you’re doing!"
Titus Contracting
Jen Schnasse
Titus Contracting
"The Timesheets tool has allowed our business to easily track and manage our employees' time cards, as well as accurately account for job costing. I do really appreciate the responsiveness of the customer service/tech support agents and the chat feature is super convenient."
Professional Electrical Systems Inc
Darren Marchisio
Professional Electrical Systems Inc
"The Timesheets tool is in step with modern technology. The tool works on any smartphone which everyone carries these days. With this tool we can see daily the time everyone spent on any particular job which helps a great deal with the scheduling. The timesheets tool completely eliminates the old school paper copy. By using this tool the employees don't have to return to the office to turn in their time cards which saves on travel time and cost."


What if my worker doesn’t have a mobile device?

Absolutely! BuildingBlok Timesheets allows you to give a manager the ability to clock in other employees which is perfect for workers that don't have a mobile device. In addition, anyone can be clocked in, or clock themselves in, from the website with any computer or tablet that has an internet connection.

Can I send timesheet reports to my clients?

Yes. Every report can be exported to excel or PDF. So you can, at any time, export and download a copy to your computer and then email to your client.

What if my worker forgets to clock out?

All workers are automatically clocked out after 24 hours. In addition, the admin (or anyone with the right permission) is able to go back and correct a worker's hours to accurately reflect time worked.

Do you integrate with payroll solutions?

Coming soon! We will have the ability to sync your BuildingBlok Timesheets' account with Quickbooks and other payroll solutions so you can seamlessly transfer timesheet data from BuildingBlok to your payroll solution with the click of a button.

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