Construction Submittal Tracking Software


  • Save time, reduce costs and increase transparency.
  • Allow your subs to create and attach related documents directly to the Submittal in BuildingBlok.
  • Always know who each Submittal is assigned to with the easy to read Submittal Log.
  • Create submittals required and BuildingBlok will keep your subs up to date on what they owe and when it's due.

Eliminate Confusion with Subcontractors

By creating submittals required, your subcontractors can get to work from the moment they access BuildingBlok. Our construction management software saves you time by automating processes which used to take a long time. Automating communication between you and your subcontractors translates real-time to dollars saved on your project.

Submittal Required Document
Submittal Log

Toss Away Your Excel Logs

Our logs are centralized and automated, eliminating the need to cross-reference multiple documents. Anyone that you grant permission to can access your Submittals and see the appropriate status of each. Eliminating your Excel logs saves your team time. Filter your Submittals by creator, contract, or date to narrow down to the specific information you need. Always know where every Submittal is located, and who needs to address each document.