Daily Reports

Eliminate paperwork and have your daily reports delivered to one centralized location.

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Webapp daily reports

Each site’s daily reports at your fingertips.

Staying on top of what’s happening at every jobsite is challenging. With BuildingBlok’s Daily Reports, you and your office team are kept in the loop of each jobsite’s progress – in real time. Now you make data-backed decisions early to preventing costly delays.

  • Mancount

    With BuildingBlok, you can track daily labor hours. No more paper – jobsite work hours can be submitted electronically, from any mobile device.

  • Photos

    Photos from each jobsite can be quickly uploaded to BuildingBlok so they are accessible to the entire team.

  • Weather

    BuildingBlok auto generates daily weather reports for each specific jobsite location so you can capture daily weather conditions within each report.

  • PDF Report

    Automatically receive daily pdf reports so you and designated team members have full visibility into daily jobsite progress.

  • Notes

    Any pertinent notes can be saved with individual projects so they can be referenced at any time.

  • Mobile

    Daily activity reports can be created and accessed from your mobile device – anytime, anywhere.

Reduce the time it takes
to manage daily reports by 25%

Unlimited Users

BuildingBlok is available to your entire team. Invite as many users as you'd like – there's no need to share accounts.

Unlimited Projects

The system is built to scale as your business grows. Manage as many projects as you want, at no extra charge.

Unlimited Support

Get the help you need, when you need it – at no additional cost. Our construction experts are always here to help!

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