Construction Bidding Software & Management


  • Build a bid in minutes.
  • Manage your private vendor list.
  • Find additional contractors using The Blue Book.
  • Track every email bid sent to your bidders.
  • Allow your bidders to submit RFIs and bids to you through the BuildingBlok system.
  • Award contracts and move into the construction management phase on the same platform.

Communication is key.

Keeping your construction documents up-to-date and organized is critical to getting the right information to the right team members at the right moments. BuildingBlok provides a secure, cloud-based platform to store and share documents. We keep everyone on your team on the same page at all times. Upload your construction documents and pass critical project information to selected subcontractors. Need to find more subcontractors? No problem. Search the Bluebook’s comprehensive contractor database using any critical business intelligence - geographic service area, certifications, brands, licensure, and much more!

Bid. Collaborate. Build.

Sending out and tracking the progress of an ITB is easy. Subcontractors can easily request more information with Chats or by creating an RFI. Every party can upload and share documents in real-time as the project evolves. Subcontractors can easily opt out or submit their bids. Our dashboard gives you the visibility and access needed to monitor bids, organize documents and stay connected.