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Get rid of the overwhelming paperwork attached to bid management.

Our cloud-based construction bidding software is specifically designed to optimize your entire bid management process so you can easily track bid emails, award contracts, organize drawings and more - all from one central hub. We take the stress out of the bidding process so you can focus on awarding jobs!

Reduce the time it takes
to manage bids by 50%

  • Invitation List

    Easily manage your invitees by tracking their email and bid statuses.

  • Activity

    Track all actions taken on your invitation to bid, so you can stay on top of your subcontractor's activity.

  • Notes

    Send out invitation to bid updates with ease by adding a general note that is emailed out to your invited subcontractors.

  • Planroom

    Upload all of your blueprints and files, so subcontractors can simply download from one place.

  • Public Bid

    Upgrade your brand with a professional look. Our public bid page gives subcontractors easy access to all the information they need.

  • Award Contracts

    Effortlessly transition from Pre-construction to Construction by awarding contracts that can be used with our financial documents.

Trusted by thousands of companies

50,000+ Projects Completed
$800,000,000 Value of Projects
140,000+ Documents Created
CR Millwork
With BuildingBlok, we've optimized our entire project management processes. Now, we're able to take on more projects and manage them all without added headache. Thanks, BuildingBlok!
Melody Selaya
Office Manager
EDiS Company
BuildingBlok tracks everything and keeps us organized. Thanks BuildingBlok for giving me back my Sunday!
Andrew DiSabatino III
Vice President & Project Manager
EDiS Company LLC
Building Land and Technology
Buildingblok has been an essential tool to maintain accurate document control specially when managing multiple projects. Using email was inefficient and very difficult to stay organized since items were easily missed due to the high volume of messages received.
Claudia Siever
Project Manager
Building and Land Technology

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Getting set up with BuildingBlok was really simple. It is incredibly easy to use. Now we can accomplish more in less time!

Jennifer Smith
Project Manager
Glacier Construction Co., Inc