Save time
Reduce the time it takes to run payroll by having your timesheets information updated in real time.

Easy to use
Improve teamwork by giving your construction employees a GPS time tracking app they will want to use in the field or at the office.

Manage effectively
Improve your business by utilizing all the timesheet information you need at a glance.

What customers are saying

Jackie Hellzen at North Metro Companies

Jackie Hellzen
North Metro Companies

“We are definitely excited about the fact that it’s taking about a third of the time to do payroll now vs. when we were doing timesheets on time cards and paper.”

Aaron Andrews at Beisley, Inc.

Aaron Andrews
Beisley, Inc.

"We are currently integrating our employees into the system and are really enjoy its simplicity As we continue to use more aspects of the program, it is comforting to know that we have a strong support base that is readily available."

James Smithmeyer at JMJ Contracting and Development LLC

James Smithmeyer
JMJ Contracting and Development LLC

I'm very happy with the BuildingBlok system. I signed up recently and on the first try I had a great experience. After some effective training given by the BuildingBlok staff, I was ready to go.