Save time
Save up to an hour per day with our easy to use app.

Easy to use
Fill out your report as you walk the site.  Updates are immediately synced to the web for all to see.  

Improve visibility
Keep all team members up to date on any changes, improve compliance and protect yourself from litigation.

What customers are saying

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Winona Furgison
Shocking Difference

"We have been using the Daily Reports tool for about two months now and love it. It's nice to be able to take pictures and leave notes for each day that the other guys can use. It's very easy to use and we would highly recommend it."



Andrew DiSabatino III
EDiS Company LLC

"BuildingBlok tracks everything and keeps us organized. It allows me to process hundreds of allowances in about a half hour. Thanks BuildingBlok for giving me back my Sunday!"


Aaron Andrews
Beisley, Inc

“We are currently integrating our employees into the system and are really enjoy its simplicity with sharing documents and communicating project information. As we continue to use more aspects of the program, it is comforting to know that we have a strong support base that is readily available.”