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Improved Construction Communication: Memos

Goodbye, sticky notes. Hello, modern Memos.

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Memos are a great way to organize all of the communication that goes on between you and your construction team. With BuildingBlok, it's easy to create a memo on a mobile device or your computer. Once completed, everyone receives an email notification about your memo. You can start with a 14-day free trial to determine whether BuildingBlok is right for you.

BuildingBlok Memos

Key Features

One place for all of your construction project's Memos, providing you with a simple way to communicate with your team.
Monitor all your document communication with an easy to follow audit trail that gives you the who, what and when.
Replace endless project emails by centralizing all your communication. Notes keeps your team informed with the latest changes.
Attach files to your project Memos to make sure your team can easily access the most accurate information.
Include team members as followers on your Memos, so that they can be immediately notified of critical changes.
Approval Proccess
Standardize your Memo document management, delivering documents to the right people at the right time.

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Easy setup. Try any product free for 14 days.