Every construction document for every project – available anywhere, at any time.

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Centralize all of your construction project documents.

No more sorting through papers or endless email chains. BuildingBlok stores each document for every project in one easy-to-navigate, cloud-based solution. This provides you and your teams with the visibility needed to ensure all of your projects are progressing exactly as they should.

  • Log

    Centralize all of your construction documents so everyone can quickly access the information that they need, when they need it.

  • Activity

    Capture an audit trail of who, what, and when so nothing get lost in the shuffle.

  • Notes

    Keep everyone up-to-date with the latest project developments by capturing project activities and notes directly within BuildingBlok.

  • Attachments

    Attach files to your project documents to make sure your team can easily access the most accurate information.

  • Followers

    Assign followers to specific documents so the appropriate team members are notified of changes immediately.

  • Approval Proccess

    Standardize your document workflow within BuildingBlok so you always deliver the right documents to the right people at the right time.

Manage documents up to 85% faster


Review blueprints, designs, or feedback from your architect. Our ASI management tool enables communication and collaboration anytime, anywhere.

Change Orders

Quickly approve or reject change orders, and instantly receive updates on job costs directly within BuildingBlok.


There’s no need to enter data manually or manage invoicing via multiple systems. With BuildingBlok, you can quickly create and submit invoices for miscellaneous expenses.


You can distribute information to specific individuals or an entire team – and track distributions in the memo log.

Payment Apps

Review and approve your subcontractors’ schedule of values and payment applications in one solution.


Speed up your closeout process by creating and assigning punch-list items to contractors – via the web or on any mobile device.


Organize all of your RFIs in one central repository so you can respond to questions and get answers faster.


Streamline your submittal process by quickly creating submittals required to notify your subs of what they need to submit and when.


Ensure all miscellaneous tasks are accounted for by quickly creating To-Dos and assigning them to the right project members.

Financial Reports

Stay in control of your budgets with real time project breakdowns that tell you whether you’re over or under budget – broken down by each project.

Unlimited Users

BuildingBlok is available to your entire team. Invite as many users as you'd like – there's no need to share accounts.

Unlimited Projects

The system is built to scale as your business grows. Manage as many projects as you want, at no extra charge.

Unlimited Support

Get the help you need, when you need it – at no additional cost. Our construction experts are always here to help!

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